Essam Baghdady (Founder)

President Message

High Tech with a Heart!

We would like to invite you to enter the World of Awan : A Humane Company !
We pride ourselves on having started as a philanthropy and evolved  to become a distribution  business  that  sustains  the same spirit: Humanity , whilst  meeting the business needs in harmony with the industry’s  evolving pulse and   vision   !!
Our growth gateway is engagement ; we engage with customers , vendors and team members  without losing track of our ultimate objective : people and a better environment .
People are our biggest asset outside and inside our industry .
For many years ,  Awan El Khair ( ),as a philanthropy, has been actively engaged in Egypt and Pakistan with a focus on Education for the less fortunate .
As a channel , we strive to apply the same mission statement :people deserve more than being a questionnaire topic and a soulless number on a chart reviewed periodically for a higher score !!
While we ,as a team, believe in incorporating change as a paramount de-facto necessity of the industry, remaining focused on the ultimate objective should never be forgotten : People & Humanity !!
Operationally , we have already inaugurated Awan in Singapore ,UAE , Pakistan , Afghanistan and shortly Bangladesh , Brunei and Egypt will follow. We have signed up distribution agreements with HP , Dell , Allied Telesis & in the process of signing with other new A-Brand vendors .
We are focusing on enterprise added value platforms with a strong emphasis on Professional Services , Training and Development . Our Enterprise enablement unit designs and manages complex infrastructure environments matching organizational objectives .
On hand are customized cloud , enterprise and security solutions offered by our experienced team members to suit the carefully studied needs of customers .
We aim at delivering efficient solutions, increasing end-customers satisfaction and boosting resellers ‘profitability .
Being part of the fastest and most dynamic industry in the history of mankind , we use the power of knowledge to keep the channel abreast of continuous changes and new trends.
Our Luxor based Awan Training Academy works closely with vendors and management teams in corporations – albeit only through resellers – to offer state of the art training programs . Those include the latest technical ,industry and management curricula .
We are also starting a Global Team to give you market moving news and views seven days a week through electronic media and our Priority Service Helpdesk !!
Opening up avenues for innovation for all divisions in the organizations will be the goal of the Global team .
Stay tuned with Awan …more is coming ..